Only Fools And Horses – Why Is It So Popular?

Only Fools And Horses is one of the most popular British sitcoms ever made. Even though the show ended a few years ago it is still repeated all the time on the BBC and satellite channels because of it’s endearing popularity. So why is this TV series so popular?

Well firstly I would say that as a sitcom it is genuinely funny. Pretty much every single episode in the entire series is laugh out loud funny, whether it’s visual comedy, such as the infamous scene where Del Boy falls through the bar, for instance, or witty dialogue between the various lead characters.

Not only that but the storylines are also top drawer. There are lots of light-hearted episodes which are the traditional sitcom fare, but there are also quite serious and quite moving stories such as when Cassandra lost her baby, for instance, and when Del became a father for the first time. Even these serious scenes, which although very emotional, still have comedy moments often with just one funny one-liner.

Another reason I think it’s so popular is because there is quite a large cast of characters and all of them are extremely likeable and funny in their own way. For example you have got characters such as Boycie, Marlene, Denzil and of course Trigger who are minor characters in many ways but it’s always nice to see them when they appear, and as with all the other characters, there are always plenty of funny lines shared between them,

Then of course you’ve got the infamous catchphrases. Thanks to Only Fools And Horses, words such as plonker and mange tout have become part of our everyday vocabulary thanks to Del Boy trotting them out all the time.

Finally you’ve got brilliantly crafted lead characters such as Uncle Albert, Grandad, and of course Rodney and Del Boy. They struggle through life desperately trying to make some money and build a better life for themselves, and that’s something we can all relate to. Eventually they did of course make it and ended up very wealthy but then they managed to lose it all again. However deep down I think Del Boy enjoys ducking and diving and being rich simply left him unfulfilled.

Only Fools And Horses ended a few years ago now but I think this is a series that will still be making future audiences laugh in 50 years time because it is so funny. It’s a feel-good comedy with lovable characters and great storylines that are genuinely funny and it will undoubtedly remain a much-loved British sitcom for many years to come.

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