Ada Portable Self Contained Sink: Ideal For People With Physical Disabilities

The ADA sink has been designed in accordance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. It is specifically designed to accommodate people in wheelchairs to ensure that they have access to hot and cold running water any where any time they need it.

ADA Portable Sink: Designed to Comply with the ADA Standards

The ADA calls for designing and manufacturing of products that allow people with physical disabilities people to have equal access to all public goods and services. The law calls for inclusion of at least one feature in various products that make it easy for handicapped or disabled persons to use them.

Sinks are essential components of kitchens, bathrooms, public toilets, salons, hospitals, nursing homes, barber shops and health care centers. Since they are frequently used, they need to be designed in such a manner that they are not only convenient but also easy to use. The height, width, material and components of the various types of sinks need to be decided keeping in the mind the requirements of people with physical disabilities. An ADA Portable sink is perfect for both people with and without physical disabilities.

Features of an ADA Sink

Let?s have a look at certain basic requirements for a sink to be ADA compliant:

1.The faucets for hot and cold water should be designed in such a way that it is easy to turn the water on or off.

2.The size and height of these sinks should be such that they allow people in wheelchairs to use them.

3.The depth of the kitchen sink should be such that it allows a wheelchair bound person to perform the necessary tasks.

4.The hot water pipes in the sink should be insulated to prevent any kind of burns.

5.The drain of the sink should be kept at the rear to keep the knee space clear.

6.The sinks should preferably be made of stainless steel.

7.These sinks can be drop in or wall hung

8.The sinks should not have any protruding objects that can cause any kind of injury to the user.

9.There should be no sharp or abrasive surfaces under the sink.

Inclusion of an ADA sink in public rest rooms, hospitals, salons and other public places ensures that no customer faces any kind of difficulty. The ADA portable sink offered by MONSAM Enterprises meets all these requirements:

1.Meets American Disability Act (ADA) standards

2.Contains one 6-gallon tank for fresh water and one 7-gallon tank for waste water

3.Colors: black, grey, white, red, and blue

4.Weight: 75 lbs.

5.Cabinet Dimensions: Width:?34 Length: 18.5 Height: 31.75

6.Basin Measurements: Width: 11 Length: 13 Depth: 6

7.20 AMPS Preset water heater

8.Goose neck faucet ($65.00)

9.Four safety casters for easy mobility

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